corrective pencil marks

"Like a letter covered with corrective pencil marks, I have my defects. After all, I am not strong to begin with, and I believe even Hercules fainted once." -Lydia Davis, "Kafka Cooks Dinner"

Despite its morose namesake, mostly this blog is about how funny and charming I think I am, and whatever other word vomit I want to throw up on you.

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Basically, though: Amanda. 24. Montreal-born, New York-livin'. BA Psych from McGill. Graduate Diploma in Public Relations & Communications Management, also from McGill. I feel the need to bring up my schooling because people need to know for as long as I'm still paying the debt. (So: for the next 10 years, give or take.)

Also, I used to work as a comedy publicist but am currently working in celebrity news. Yikes, sorry about that.

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